Audrey Hope

Certified Addiction and Trauma Counselor, Relationship Expert, Spiritual Expert

Audrey Hope is a distinguished figure in the healing arts, boasting over two decades of experience in spiritual and transformative healing. Known for her profound ability to heal at the deep level of the spirit, Audrey employs revolutionary techniques aimed at transforming the “root of the root” of the soul. Her methods are comprehensive and versatile, addressing this life, past life, the other side, soul contracts, karma, and energy.
Based in the heart of Brentwood, CA, Audrey operates her own practice where she continues to serve a diverse clientele. In addition to her healing practice, she is a prominent figure online, hosting the weekly YouTube advice show “Hope For Relationships,” where she extends her reach and impact. Her expertise also extends to the realm of addiction therapy, where she serves as an addiction therapist at the Seasons In Malibu rehab facility.
Audrey’s reputation precedes her, having worked with a wide array of clients, including celebrities, producers, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, authors, and athletes. Through her holistic and soul-centered approach, she assists her clients in navigating the complexities of their relationships and addiction issues, offering hope and profound transformation. Her dedication and unique approach have solidified her status as a multi-talented force in the field of spiritual healing.