Navah Paskowitz-Asner

Co-Founder, The Ed Asner Family Center


Navah Paskowitz-Asner is the co-founder of The Ed Asner Family Center, the founder of CAMP ED, a mother and a spokesperson, advocate and life coach for special needs families.

Navah spent her childhood growing up with her parents and eight brothers traveling around the USA in a 24-ft camper while her Stanford-educated physician father took care of Native Americans free of charge. Her childhood and family life was so unusual that it was the subject of an award-winning documentary, Surfwise. Leaving her familial camper at 15, she headed to New York and began working as a model. Her life as a model took her all over the world. She lived in Italy, France and Israel before finally settling down in Los Angeles, where she helped run her family’s surf camp.

While Navah was volunteering for multiple autism-related organizations, after the diagnosis of her two youngest sons, a desire to help people through the difficult path of diagnosis and treatment was born. In 2014 she created the Balance Family Conferences, where the explicit goal was to support the foundation of the neurodivergent family, not just the impacted child.

Family has been an ever-present theme in Navah’s life.

Navah has over a decade of experience in both parent and sibling group support. Bringing this experience, she partnered with her husband and the company’s namesake, father-in-law Ed, to create The Ed Asner Family Center. Her goal: to provide health, healing and community support. This goal was very personal. Years ago Navah was a mother in need, struggling with anxiety and financially unable to seek therapy for her anxiety issues. Her goal at the Center is to provide low- or no-cost mental health support and typical sibling support for families in need.

Navah continues to be a leader in the community and speaks nationally and internationally about her personal experiences being a wife and mother to six kids, three of whom are on the autism spectrum.