Emma G

Author, Singer/Songwriter, Coach

My Life, My Songs, My Healing

Author, two time TEDx Speaker, Singer/songwriter and Coach, Emma G uses the magic of music to empower, uplift, and motivate audiences worldwide.

Born with a rare neurological condition called hydrocephalus, Emma G has recovered from multiple traumas, including ten brain surgeries, by writing and singing her truth, sharing her experiences, and turning her lessons into blessings.

Emma G’s music and story are helping audiences overcome struggles, trauma, stress and overwhelm to step up and into their own authentic power. In her book, My Life, My Songs, My Healing, Emma G shares her own personal story of how she has turned her trauma into tunes and struggles into songs to give her music an inspirational and authentic message. With a unique style that marries the techniques of pop, soulful ballads, and a gritty rock edge, Emma G appeals to a diverse audience of teens and parents to deliver teens a connection with themselves and parents a re-connection with their teens.

Her latest project, releasing a song each month that is tied to a social justice or a mental health cause including anti-bullying for August, drug and alcohol addiction for September, depression in October, and homeless youth in November. Her April song’s music video, “Barbed Wire,” focuses on abuse and sexual assault awareness and earned her a Silver Telly award in 2023.

“My goal is to save the world one song at a time – both through the music I compose, and the songs I help teenagers write. Through my music, I aim to heal, inspire strength, spread love, and convey truth: helping individuals rediscover their true selves.”

And she is doing just that through 1:1 coaching, workshops with groups and guest speaking across the country.

Singled out by Fox, the Washington Post, and Thrive Global, the New Zealand-born singer/songwriter has expanded her mission of bringing light to the world one song at a time. As an award-winning influencer empowering youth and adults equally as a teacher, lecturer, and – of course – an award-winning musician, Emma G has created the perfect potion for potent and impactful change.

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