Jeralyn Glass

Author, Sacred Vibrations: The Transformative Power of Crystalline Sound and Music, Creator of The Source App

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Jeralyn Glass is an internationally acclaimed singer, pioneering figure in the realm of Sound Healing, creator of The Source App, and author of Sacred Vibrations: The Transformative Power of Crystalline Sound and Music.

Before becoming one of the foremost leaders in the world of holistic healing through music as medicine, Jeralyn got her start in the theater and Broadway and graced opera and concert stages across Europe and around the globe. Later, she founded Crystal Cadence, a dedicated sound healing studio housing the Los Angeles Crystal Tones Singing Bowl Temple of Alchemy.

Her work in the field of sound has had a tremendous impact on mental health, cancer, and hospice patients as well as children and veterans. Following the tragic loss of her only son, Jeralyn decided to write her book, Sacred Vibrations, as a guide to engaging Music as Medicine and how the power of sound can serve to transform us. Sacred Vibrations guides readers on their journey of integration and wholeness through actionable tips, relaxing and effective meditations accessible through QR codes, wisdom from leading scientists, esteemed colleagues, and more.

The Source App offers meditations, mantra, tuning forks, cymatics, yoga, and lessons about the science of sound from leaders in the field of music as medicine like Dr. Daniel Levitin (Neuroscientist, Cognitive Psychologist, Bestselling Author, Musician) Dr. Sue Morter (Bioenergetics Pioneer, BodyAwake Yoga®, The Energy Codes®), Victor Wooten (5x Grammy-Award Winning Bassist, Author), Maejor (Multi-Platinum Producer, Musician), and more.

A revered educator in her field, Jeralyn has shared the stage at science and spirituality conferences with esteemed authors and thought leaders such as Marianne Williamson, Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Maria Shriver, to name a few. She has also performed for European presidents, and star athletes Kareem Abdul Jabar and the late Kobe Bryant. She counts singer/songwriters Jhené Aiko and SZA among her many students.

The Source App will be available for download in 2024. Sacred Vibrations is available for preorders here and is widely available anywhere you buy books on July 23, 2024.