Lauren Edwards-Williams

Owner and CEO of Legend IP Consulting LLC

Lauren Edwards-Williams is the owner and CEO of Legend IP Consulting LLC, and an experienced intellectual property consultant who specializes in technical writing and intellectual property research. Lauren has spent over 5 years living and breathing intellectual property and every day her desire to help inventors and businesses succeed is furthered and inspired by the creativity and innovation of those around her.

Lauren was born and raised in Northern England where she graduated from Staffordshire University Law School with a First Class LLB with Honors. After graduation, Lauren moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to pursue an internship with an intellectual property law firm. Through a lot of hard work, long hours and determination, she had worked her way to General Manager of the firm within three years of finishing her internship. However, her drive to succeed and to help others did not stop there and thus, Legend IP Consulting was born.

Lauren founded Legend IP Consulting to provide unparalleled services to individuals and other companies. Her desire to deliver 100% satisfaction means that no matter how large Legend IP Consulting is, they will always maintain an intimate “small company” feel to deliver a one-on-one personal experience for every client.