Parrish Collins

Civil Rights Attorney, Collins & Collins, P.C.

Prison and Jail Medical Neglect Lawsuits filed by Collins & Collins P.C.

Albuquerque attorney, Parrish Collins, has been practicing law since 1989 after graduating with honors from Duke University School of Law. In early 2017, Collins turned his attention to prison and jail medical negligence. Since that time, his firm has spent tens of thousands of hours investigating prison and jail medical neglect.

When Parrish began this work, he anticipated filing a few lawsuits against the prison medical contractors in New Mexico. He had no idea the pandora’s box that he was opening. He never could have imagined the horror and scope of medical atrocities occurring in New Mexico prisons and jails. The few lawsuits turned into approximately 60 plus to date.

Since January 2018, Collins & Collins, P.C. have filed prison and jail medical negligence and civil rights lawsuits revealing startling levels of profit driven extreme deliberate medical and mental health neglect. The cases involve avoidable severe permanent harm and/or death. Many result in extensive avoidable hospitalizations for which Medicaid is on the hook at the taxpayers expense.

Parrish Collins recognizes that very few Americans have any knowledge of what’s going on with prison medical care and that most are not particularly sympathetic to prisoners. However, what people should care about is that the broken prison and jail medical care industry is costing billions in tax dollars.

The small group of corporations controlling medical and mental health care throughout the nation’s prisons and jails are made up of massive, often billion dollar corporations preying on not just voiceless prisoners but taxpayers everywhere they operate. The contracts these companies receive are in the hundreds of millions to billions for medical and mental health services for state correctional agencies as with the New Mexico Corrections Department. Yet, prisoners are left to suffer until long term hospitalizations are necessary or they die. Thus, much of the costs of actual medical services are pushed back to taxpayers through Medicaid.

Parrish hopes to light a match under lawyers around the country to take on these cases to either rehabilitate these corporate prison medical contractors or run them out of the nation’s prisons and jails.

Parrish has been featured in the Albuquerque Journal, Source NM, Santa Fe Reporter, NM Political Report, and other media outlets.