Dr. Tamir Aldad

Founder and CEO of Mindful Care


Dr. Tamir Aldad is a fellowship trained addiction psychiatrist and the founder and CEO of Mindful Care—the award winning first-ever psychiatric urgent care in the United States. After graduating medical school, Dr. Aldad completed his residency and fellowship training at Northwell Health. He also conducted several years of behavioral health research as a physician scientist at Yale School of Medicine. He also earned an MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Dr. Aldad is passionate about acute mental health issues, public mental health and improving access to affordable care. Through the founding of Mindful Care, he aims to bring the Urgent Care model to mental health by offering same-day access to psychiatric care, including medication to stabilize symptoms in addition to group and individual therapy.

Mindful Care believes that care should be accessible and affordable and is committed to their patients’ recovery. It is in-network with major insurance carriers and offers reasonable private-pay options. Mindful Care currently has locations in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut, and Illinois, as well as a telehealth offering, serving over 25,000 patients.

Dr. Aldad recently contributed to Newsweek in his opinion articles, “Guns and Mental Illnesses Don’t ‘Cause’ Mass Shootings. Poor Access to Care Does”  and “Americans Are Experiencing Compassion Fatigue.” Dr. Aldad was also featured in the Forbes article, “How Retail Mental Health Could Be Medicine’s Next Frontier.”